How it works

The SHB patented fuel distributor uses recirculated flue gas to project or broadcast solid fuel into the boiler. Note the highly efficient fuel distribution and the bright combustion in the boiler.

Solid Fuel Pre-Drying System

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About Us

Our world is facing many challenges including limited resources, rising costs, economic uncertainty, sustainability, and environmental concerns. The power generation industry is facing many of the same problems and is in need of better technologies to enable them to meet those challenges. SHB has developed innovative technologies for biomass and crushed coal fired boilers. Biomass boilers have an important role to play by reducing fossil fuel consumption and corresponding production of greenhouse gasses. Improving biomass and coal fired boiler efficiencies reduces fossil fuel consumption and emissions. SHB has solutions for the operational problems that are limiting the effectiveness of today's biomass and coal fired boilers. We have solutions for poor quality, distribution, and high moisture fuels, high sand carryover and tube erosion, poor combustion, and high emissions. We are dedicated to improving the performance of boilers for our customers around the world. We like to say that we're making the planet greener one boiler at a time.

We have visited many Pulp & Paper mill power houses throughout the world, and know where unused powerhouse resources exist. If you are interested in relocating or modifying these resources to other areas, we can help.

Sullivan, Higgins, and Brion are Gene Sullivan, Dan Higgins, and Clay "Smiley" Brion.

Gene Sullivan graduated from Notre Dame University with a Civil Engineering degree and started his career with the US Navy. Gene stated up and commissioned the nuclear reactors on the USS Nimitz, then served as the Nuclear Training Officer after the ship was commissioned. After the service, Gene worked for Measurex Corporation for twelve years as a Power Plant Application Engineer, and then for Anthony-Ross Company for almost 20 years as Sales manager and Vice President Sales. Gene has visited over 90% of all pulp and paper mills in the world and has developed many innovative boiler technologies and has many patents and patents pending in his name. Gene is currently the President and Sales Manager of SHB.

Dan Higgins has degrees from Oregon State University and a BSME from Portland State University. Dan has worked in the Pulp and Paper industry for almost 25 years, most of it at Anthony Ross Company, where he finished as Chief Engineer. In collaboration with Gene, he has developed many innovative products and technologies for biomass boilers and has many patents and patents pending in his name. Dan has conducted engineering studies and CFD models on over 75 boilers and designed over 30 boiler modification projects in the pulp and paper industry. Dan is currently Chief Engineer at SHB, responsible for Engineering and Product Development.

Smiley Brion attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland Oregon and worked as Manager of European Development and Sales for Devin Associates for five years. In 1989 he supervised the construction of three bakeries for McDonald's Corporation, including the first ever McDonald's in Moscow, Russia. After that Smiley worked for Anthony-Ross Company for fourteen years, as Quality Assurance Manager, Production Manager, and finally as Director of Customer Service and NW Regional Sales Manager. Smiley is currently Operations and Customer Service manager at SHB.

Together with our engineers, staff, and business partners, SHB has the resources and expertise to improve the performance of your boilers and help your business thrive today and tomorrow.