How it works

The SHB patented fuel distributor uses recirculated flue gas to project or broadcast solid fuel into the boiler. Note the highly efficient fuel distribution and the bright combustion in the boiler.

Solid Fuel Pre-Drying System

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Biomass/Solid Fuel

Product List:

Fuel Delivery Systems

  • Hog fuel trimmers
  • Separators and screens
  • Conveyor systems
  • Silos
  • Rotary Valves
  • Fuel Chutes
  • Black Liquor Systems
  • Controls
Fuel Drying Systems
  • Fuel Pre-drying Chutes (Patented)
  • "Hot Box" Combustion System
  • Controls
Fuel Distributors (Patented)
  • FGR Pneumatic Fuel Distributor for biomass/crushed coal
Combustion Air Systems
  • Sand Bed/Under Grate (Primary) Air Systems
  • Multi-Level Over Fired Air (OFA) Systems
  • Tertiary Air Systems
  • Fans
  • Ducting
  • Controls
Flue Gas Recirculation Systems
  • Fans
  • Ducting
  • Controls
Stepped Floor™ Combustion Systems (Patented)
  • "Hot Box" Combustion Technology
  • High-Temperature Stepped Floor™ stationary grate system
Sand Reclaim Systems
  • Screens
  • Conveyors
Emission Control Systems
  • SCR systems
  • Dust Collectors
  • Process measurement
  • Control elements
  • Combustion Cameras
  • Pyrometers
Spare parts for Anthony-Ross and other brand port cleaners
  • Cleaning Tips
  • Cleaning Rods
  • Bushings
  • Rod Scraper (Patented) (Bellow replacement)
  • Drives
  • Wear Parts