How it works

The SHB patented fuel distributor uses recirculated flue gas to project or broadcast solid fuel into the boiler. Note the highly efficient fuel distribution and the bright combustion in the boiler.

Solid Fuel Pre-Drying System

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Our Services

Boiler Evaluation and Engineering Studies
SHB conducts on-site evaluations of your boiler and support systems to determine the deficiencies and make recommendations for solutions. Depending on the customer's needs we also provide engineering studies to identify the extent of the project to provide the information required to have the installation portion of the project bid by independent contractors.
Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Combustion Modeling
SHB, in collaboration with Process Simulations Ltd. (PSL), provides CFD modeling of your boiler to determine the problem areas and verify the proposed solutions.
System Solution Design and Engineering
SHB provides the complete design and engineering for a solution tailored to your boiler.
Equipment Fabrication and Supply
SHB supplies our own line of fuel drying systems, fuel distributors, air nozzles, dampers, boiler tube openings, and control elements.
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Supply
SHB supplies complete project management services. We can take care of your project from start to finish, or supply any combination of services that fits your way of doing business.
Installation Supervision
SHB provides installation supervision for every project we do. This ensures the equipment is installed correctly the first time.
Startup and Commissioning Supervision
SHB provides complete startup and commissioning services to ensure that your boiler starts up and runs as expected and is tuned for best performance.
Operator Training
SHB will train your operators in the SHB technology and revised operation of your boiler to make sure that the boiler continues to run at its peak performance.
Aftermarket Services and Inspections
SHB provides inspection services and spare parts for recovery boiler port cleaner and damper systems.