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How it works

The SHB patented fuel distributor uses recirculated flue gas to project or broadcast solid fuel into the boiler. Note the highly efficient fuel distribution and the bright combustion in the boiler.

Solid Fuel Pre-Drying System

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"We make difficult boilers run better."
"We modify boilers to run cleaner, more efficiently, and with better stability. Our technology will burn very wet fuels, reduce carryover, add fuel switching or co-firing capability, increase loading, reduce operating and maintenance problems, and lower costs."

With over 100 years combined experience in power plants and the Pulp and Paper Industry, SHB has engineered solutions for the best possible combustion of fossil and biomass fuels. Our technologies improve boiler stability, steaming rates, thermal efficiencies, fuel flexibility, and reduce expensive fuel usage, problematic carryover, and emissions. We can virtually eliminate the sand carryover and subsequent erosion typically found on biomass boilers even while increasing the load rate. Our expertise includes Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) boilers, Grate Fired boilers, Chemical Recovery Boilers, and Coal Fired Boilers.

Solid fuel boilers - such as biomass, crushed / stoker coal, etc., combust high moisture fuels of various heating values and contaminants (sand, rocks, dirt, sulfur, etc). High levels of Un-Burned Carbon (UBC), excess airflow, high carryover, high under grate (primary) airflow, etc. create challenges for operation, and opportunities for economic improvement. SHB can modify these difficult boilers to run with greater stability; greater steam production, with more optimum (cost conscious) fuel usage; with improved responses to plant steam / electrical demands, and with less destructive conditions. We can also modify problem boilers to burn lower cost fuels such as biomass, bagasse, and crushed coal firing. more about us>

Our Products
  • Fuel Delivery Systems
  • Fuel Drying Systems
  • Fuel Distributors
  • Multi-Level Overfire Air Systems
  • Flue Gas Recirculation Systems
  • High Heat Tolerant - Grate Replacement Systems - Stationary Stepped Floor™
  • Crushed Coal Firing Systems
  • Emission Control Systems
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Our Services
  • Boiler Evaluation and Engineering Studies
  • Used Boiler Fuel Conversions & Modifications
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Combustion Modeling
  • System Solution Design and Engineering
  • Equipment Fabrication and Supply
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Supply
  • Installation Supervision
  • Startup and Commissioning Supervision
  • Operator Training
  • Aftermarket Services and Inspections
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